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AllAffiliatePro v5 brings a huge leap forward in private affiliate program design with the latest market leading features.

  • Lead Tracking

    Built in lead tracker that can track different stages of leads. Affiliates can earn fixed amounts per stage or commission on completed leads.

  • Individual Item Commission Rates

    With AllAffiliatePro you can offer different commission for each and every item in your store.

  • Multi Currency

    AllAffiliatePro can track orders in multiple currencies and have them converted into your base currency. Perfect if you have multiple sites or if your site sells

  • True Personal Branding

    AllAffiliatePro offers far more than just the entering of your own branding with the included template wizard. You can customize 100% of the affiliate pages and affiliate

  • Multi Level Marketing

    Multi Level Marketing enabled, AllAffiliatePro can track affiliate commissions up to 12 tier in depth (more upon request). So your affiliates market the program itself earning

  • Scaled Recurring Commissions

    Beyond offering a set percentage on membership rebills, you can scale the percentage up to 10 levels on the rebill number. Such as offering 40% signup bill, 20% first

  • Extra Link Popularity Options

    Our unique extra linking options allow you to choose how your affiliates link. One popular option of affiliates linking to your domain name increasing your link popularity, even

  • Deep Page Linking

    Let your affiliates link directly to product and service pages deep in your site.

  • Multi Site with Individual Commission Rates

    If you have a large or small network of sites you can run one private affiliate network to promote all sites, with individual commission rates and statistics for each site.

  • Bonus system

    Offer scaled bonuses on 1st tier affiliate earnings up to 10 levels. To help attract high traffic and super affiliates. Such as a 1% bonus on earnings above $1000, 2% on

  • Scaled Commissions

  • Individual Affiliate Commission Rates

    Set individual commission rates for your affiliates- very useful in negotiating marketing deals with high traffic and super affiliates.

  • Multi Type

    AllAffiliatePro can support virtually any type of affiliate program run individually or alongside other program types. The most common types include:-

  • Offline Affiliate Tracking

    Our Unique offline affiliate marketing system allows your affiliate to market your site offline and still get commission. We have three methods for achieving this:-

  • Commission Delay

    Have affiliate commissions delayed by days, months or even years. This is perfect if you offer a money back guarantee or special promotion.

  • No Server Requirements

    With one of our hosted solutions no software is required on your machine. If you are purchasing a software license for an in house solution then AllAffiliatePro is designed

  • Quick and Easy Installation

    AllAffiliatePro comes with its own easy to follow installation program. If you select the hosted solution then we'll do all the installation for you, free of charge.

  • Detailed User Guide and Help

    Our new improved user guide takes you step by step through your affiliate program setup and integration. The relevant help pages are linked in the management areas for your convenience.

  • Variable Commission Period

    Choose how long your affiliates should earn commission from a click, 30 days to 30 years.

  • Affiliates Area

    Each affiliate you recruit is given unique access to your affiliate area. From this area they can view their click through and sales statistics, update their information, and

  • Management Area

    You will have access to your own management area where you will have the power to control all aspects of your affiliate program. From this area you can run reports on affiliates, view

  • Full P3P Compliance

    What does this mean? Basically affiliate programs that aren't fully P3P compliant will not track cookies properly in Internet Explorer. P3P enables cookie tracking in Microsoft

  • Template Wizard

    Quickly setup a full set of templates from joinup/login forms, program terms and conditions, tracking privacy policy and affiliate area. Not only is the software look and feel

  • Advanced Order Tracking

    With AllAffiliatePro you have the most accurate order tracking available. You can use 3 tracking methods for online affiliate marketing and 3 tracking methods for offline affiliate

  • Accuracy Statistics

    You can enable the accuracy tracker, and see exactly what percentage of cookies are being set for clicks. This also displays the stats on the referring URL being blocked.

  • Automated Sales Tracking

    Have your sales or performance commissions tracked automatically.

  • Manual Sales Tracking

    Enter your sales or performance commissions manually. Useful for site running a commission per final project program.

  • Affiliate Sales Confirmation

    The optional ability to only add affiliate commissions after they are confirmed manually. Otherwise commissions are added instantly.

  • Real Time Statistics

    Click and order statistics are tracked instantly and can be viewed by you and your affiliates in real time.

  • Affiliate Payments

    Spreadsheet pay period output, viewable in MS Excel and other products. Popular affiliate payment methods are PayPal.com mass pay, and Paybycheck.com. You can minimize affiliate

  • Versatile Payout Schedule

    The ability to set any dates as the pay period dates, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Unlimited Affiliates

    No limits set on the number of affiliates you can signup.

  • Email all Affiliates

    Send personalized emails to all your affiliates in Text or HTML format at the click of a button. You can also contact affiliates individually.

  • LinkCodeGenerator Addon

    A sub program designed for you to input and manage your database of banners and text links for each individual site on your network. Generates exact HTML linking code for your

  • Automate or Approve Signup's

    You can have new affiliates given instant access to your affiliate program, or you can queue and approve all affiliates manually.

  • Customisable Messages

    Customise and personalize all email messages from signup to pay period reports.

  • Affiliate Toplist

    Display an automatically generated list of your top earning affiliates. This can help attract affiliates and super affiliates by showing that people are actually earning from your